How you can use custom car air fresheners to generate more business

No doubt you’ve seen some of the awesome customised air fresheners for cars doing the rounds. Maybe you’ve even been given one or two by businesses you are a patron of. There’s no doubt that these useful, personalised little gems are a great way to put your name out there, but if you’re running your own business you might be wondering how to ensure a return on your investment. We know that custom car air fresheners really work, and that many of our customers are enjoying a healthy return on their investment in our products. However, we also understand that the benefits can be unclear to a potential customer, and are frequently asked to explain how you can generate more business through custom car air fresheners. As a result, we decided to create this blog post, to help you see how you can actually generate business through the use of our personalised air freshener products.
  1. Better than a business card
We all still rely on simple business cards to assist with networking and pass on our details to customers. But what happens to that business card after you’ve given it out to your contact? Most likely it will languish in a drawer or file, and probably never actually serve the purpose for which it was intended. A useful product like a custom air freshener, on the other hand, will be used for its purpose, probably straight away. Added to which, imagine how much happier your contacts will be to receive a car air freshener from you rather than a boring old business card! The bonus for you: Your business name is seen by your contact, and probably hundreds of others, every day.
  1. Get more visitors at your next Expo
If you attend events, exhibitions or conferences with a business stand, you’ll already know that the freebies are the killer attraction. Most exhibitors will be boring the other attendees with pens, post it notes and sweets, but you can be wooing the public with your amazing, stylish air freshener give away. Did you know that your sense of smell has the strongest link to your memory? That means that every time your air freshener recipients smell your scent, they’ll immediately think of your company. Beats a brochure every time.
  1. Word of mouth
Research shows that more people rely on testimonials from their friends and relatives than they would on reviews online. Give them a customised air freshener and you can bet that someone will start to ask questions. Your customer will be able to tell them about your business and how they came into contact with you, and instantly you’ve got a bunch of spokespeople praising your company, without having to pay them!
  1. Incentivise the spending
If you don’t fancy giving away your air fresheners to any old Joe, how about using them as incentives to boost customers spending in your store? Thinking along the lines of “Spend £10 to get a free air freshener” or “Buy anything from our winter range to receive a free car air freshener” will encourage customers to buy more than they might have done, as well as still getting your name out there and into customers cars. We know custom car air fresheners really work, and hope you will take the plunge and see the benefits for yourself. But, if you need more proof, as us about the testimonials we have received from happy clients to discover how they have worked for others.